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Knowing what your home could be worth based on current market sales and conditions will give you a starting point to your estimated seller proceeds. Find out your home's value below...

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Your Instant Home report

When you sell your home, what you really want to know is how much you will get when sells.  Those are called Seller Proceeds.  To figure out your estimated amount of Seller Proceeds, you first need to know your home’s estimated value.  Enter your address into the field below and you’ll get a market report for your home.  

The Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

While the instant home report is comprehensive for the market, it is not as detailed as a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA).  When I provide you with a CMA, I am looking at a hyper-local view of recent homes sold that match closely to the features and condition of your home.  The CMA provides a more realistic price range for you to consider what your home could sell for at the Top of the Market – what Buyers are willing to pay.  

Want Your CMA?

Once you know your home’s estimated value and what it could potentially sell for, I can also provide you with a Seller’s Estimated Net Sheet. Based on your estimated sale price, your net sheet will show you the estimated associated costs to sell your home.  These costs are for such items as a natural hazard report, retrofit Inspection, commissions, prorated taxes, title fees, escrow services, and more.  In addition, there are some up-front costs associated with selling and moving that you have to consider.  These may include pre-sale inspection, minor or major repairs, termite inspection and remediation, paying for storage and moving services, cleaning the house, staging, and more.  You can avoid almost all of the up-front costs by using my Concierge Service. 

If you are selling a Probate property, there are several exclusions that apply to Personal Representatives because you most likely have little knowledge of the property itself. You won’t need to complete a Transfer Disclosure Statement and are not required to provide a Termite Report.  But there are other disclosures you are responsible for, which may incur some costs to the Estate. 


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