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Knowing what your home could be worth based on current market sales and conditions will give you a starting point to your estimated seller proceeds.

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In addition to the mortgage you may have that needs to be paid off, when you sell your home, there are other costs that come with selling a home.  But for Personal Representatives in Probate, some of these costs may not apply. 

Once you know your home’s estimated value, you should take into consideration the cost of Natural Hazard and Termite Reports, prorated Taxes, Title Fees, Escrow Services, and more.  In addition, the costs associated with moving start long before you sell your home.  

If you are selling a Probate property, there are several exclusions that apply to Personal Representatives because you most likely have little knowledge of the property itself. So, you don’t need to complete a Transfer Disclosure Statement and are not required to provide a Termite Report.  But there are other disclosures you are responsible for, which may incur some costs to the Estate. 

To find out your estimated costs and estimated Seller Net Proceeds, fill out the form to the right to get a general idea of what your property is potentially worth then give me a call to get a detailed Comparative Market Analysis and Estimated Seller Net Proceeds from one of my preferred Escrow partners.