I'm Grateful for All My Wonderful Clients


It was a pleasure to be of service to each of my clients and help them with the resources and solutions to sell and buy a home and achieve their goals. Read below about their experiences.

And know that whether you Sell, Buy, or Invest with me, I am here for you too…

What Clients Are Saying
Awesome! Fantastic! Super Intelligent Agent!

My AWESOME, FANTASTIC, SUPER INTELLIGENT AGENT, Nina Grayson, who sold my duplex for me, is the absolute best!  She explained every detail of the process of listing the property, she worked with me on two strategies for attracting the ideal buyer, and her marketing was off-the-chain!  And best of all – we opened escrow within twelve days of listing!  I cannot recommend Nina enough to anyone looking to buy, sell, or invest in real estate.  Nina is immediately responsive, will research a question you have if she does not have the immediate answer, and she will educate you on how to be a smart homeowner, homebuyer, and investor. She negotiated my sale so well, I walked away with more net proceeds than I was expecting.  And now I am investing and she is still available to me to trouble-shoot and brainstorm as I begin to identify opportunities.  Get Nina on your side – you will be amazed!!!

Nina Grayson's Client Aisha
Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I cannot imagine going through this process with any other agent. I barely have words to describe how responsive Nina Grayson has been to my needs in the sale process, the extent and depth of her knowledge that she has generously shared with me, and the number of resources she has made available to me. Nina flawlessly guided me through every stage of the home sale process, and it would take pages to describe the number of issues I have brought to her, and the consistency with which she has offered sage advise, thoughtful counsel, and necessary guidance. Nina has gone above and beyond as a real estate agent, and I would recommend her unconditionally!

A Pleasure - Nina's guidance was most helpful.

It was a pleasure to work with Nina. She was very knowledgeable on the Probate process, which helped out so much from understanding my role as the Administrator. Nina's guidance was most helpful to get the house sold in a timely manner. It’s nice to have someone who can guide you with removing items, getting things sold besides the house, and even when the family is at odds. She listened to every problem or concern while I was going through this whole process. I so very much appreciate all that she did for me and my family

With Nina I became More confident in my decision-making.

We were looking for investment properties...and it's tough because a lot of investors are looking - and it's hard to compete if you don't have someone who has your back. If it weren't for Nina's constant communication with other Agents we would have never gotten it. The Agent we first worked with didn't work out, but with Nina I became more confident in my decision-making. If you're thinking of Selling or Buying? Go with Nina.

Amazing and such a wonderful person too!

We started with Nina over a year ago for our Probate. We've been through a lot of changes because it's a complex case with multiple properties and multiple heirs. The family got together and said, okay we need to get this done. And Nina showed up and wow! The Listing Proposal was beautiful and went above and beyond with details not only on the properties and their value, but what's required to list Probate properties and what's required to handle tenant-occupied properties and showings during the pandemic. I mean she is the one to run the show when it comes to Probate and getting us through the process. Nina knows it inside and out and she gave us the resources we needed to get through all of this. Amazing! Simply, Amazing and such a wonderful person too! We can't thank her enough.

Luis Santizo
Terrific Experience!

What a terrific experience I have had working with Nina. As a real estate investor, I surround myself with the most competent Realtors in the business. She brought me a great Probate Listing and knows so much about Probate I could not pass it up. If you are in Probate and need to sell a Probate property, or if you are an Investor who wants to buy Probate properties, I highly recommend you work with Nina - she'll take care of you and get it done.


Amazing! That's Nina all the way. I partnered with someone who purchased a home and let me buy it over time as a seller-finance. Well, the property went into default and I was about two weeks from losing my house. Nina was referred to me by a family member. She reviewed the default and even got on the phone with the lender with me to see what we could work out. I was able to relocate with relocation fees provided by the lender. If it weren't for Nina's extensive knowledge and expertise in Short Sales & Foreclosures, I would never have gotten a fresh start.