Get Through Probate


As a Personal Representative, you cannot get through probate alone. It requires a team of professional service providers to meet all of your needs to organize, manage, and finalize your probate.

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What DO you need right now?

As a Realtor & Probate Real Estate Specialist, I have built and continue to expand my network of resources for Sellers, Buyers, Investors, and Personal Representatives throughout Los Angeles County.  

There are several tasks you must complete in preparation for a successful real estate transaction: organizing, inventory, cleaning, junk removal, the list goes on.

When you have me represent you in real estate, I refer these concierge service providers to you so that your sale process is as effortless as possible.  I have vetted these service providers, so you can be sure you will receive the same quality of care that I provide when supporting and guiding you in your real estate transactions. 

So, What do you need right now?  Take a look at some of the most common Resources below that any Seller needs to have a successful sale. 


Personal Assistants

You can't do it alone. Contact me today for referrals to our Personal Assistant service providers. For as little as five hours or as much as 40 hours a week, whatever you need to help you get things done, a Personal Assistant can take care of the little things for you.

Probate & Trust Attorneys

To be the Personal Representative of an Estate, you need to petition the court. It's best to have a qualified Attorney help you with the process and act on your behalf.

Cleaning Services

Helping you to clean the home so that it presents as maintained. A home in probate is often not paid attention to as much as one that is lived in. It's best to have a professional cleaning crew get in there and scrub it out thoroughly so it shows well, especially if you don't plan to stage the home.

Private Lenders

Probably one of the most important resources I provide, a Private Lender Partners support a Personal Representative with immediate funds to cover the costs of managing probate instead of using your personal funds to pay for things like personal assistants, property taxes, etc. My Private Lender Partners charge much lower fees than traditional probate advance companies.

Estate Sale Services

There's nothing better than having an Estate Sale Service handle the sale of the estates personal property. Maximize the estates proceeds to heirs and satisfy claims by selling the personal property like furniture, appliances, antiques, and clothing.

General Contractors

If you want to work directly with a General Contractor for a few minor repairs, and you have the funds to cover nominal repair costs, then get a qualified contractor to do the work.

Home Upgrade Services

No Up-Front Cost Renovations is a no-brainer! This is one of the best options for home Sellers who want to sell for the highest price. You can do a small, medium, or large renovation, whatever you prefer.

Handymen & Locksmiths

One of the most common expenses in Probate is getting homes, cars, and other locked items re-keyed. And if you don't need contract work but just some basic around-the-house fixes, a good, reputable handyman should be on your team.

Home Stagers

If you want to sell a great looking home, it will sell better when it is staged to show it's beauty and how a future homeowner can make it their own. Staging can be done partially too! You can use some of your furniture and decor and add-in staged items to create the look and feel you want.


Once staging of a home is complete, the next step is photography and videography. The right photographer knows how to capture your home floorplan and design with the best lighting. And the videographer knows how to tell the story of the home for its future owners.

Gardeners & Landscapers

There's nothing worse than a great looking home that doesn't have a great looking lawn and garden. With some simple improvements, a gardening and landscaping pro can create a peaceful and welcoming feel that attracts any Buyer.

Junk Removal

After hiring the attorney, hiring a personal assistant, and completing the estate sale, you need to clean-out the property. While some items can be donated, there are often many items that simply need to be dumped. A good, low-cost junk removal company can haul it all away so you can get the property spick and span for sale.

Electricians & Plumbers

It's one thing to make the home look good, but if there are issues with the electrical or plumbing, that can turn off Buyers. It's best to get these items taken care of ahead of time.

Board-Up & Squatter Removal

It's unfortunate, but this is all too common. When probate homes go vacant for long stretches of time, squaters move-in. They are trespassing and the best way to get them out is to have a squatter removal and window boarding service deter new squaters from helping themselves.

What Do You Need Right Now?

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