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For new and experienced homebuyers, the pursuit of the American Dream to own a home is best approached with a Buyer's Investment Strategy.

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When You Decide to buy

Buying a home is a most likely the biggest financial decision you will ever make. Whether this is your first purchase or you are an experienced buyer, this decision must be made carefully. The process can be daunting with so much planning, preparation…moving your whole life. It’s no small feat. That’s why you need an expert Buyer’s Agent on your side.  When you hire me to help you buy your home, you can rest assured, the process will be as smooth as possible.

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Why buy?

Are you tired of paying rent? Have you decided to pay your own mortgage and not your landlord’s? Have you outgrown your current home? Are you looking for an investment portfolio? Are you looking for a rental property? Would you like a larger yard? Would you rather live in a different area? Do you want to shorten your commute? Having a clear sense of your reasons for buying will help you choose the right property. 

You might think your reasons are obvious, but it would do well to consider the implications of buying for your lifestyle, opportunities, and finances. Being clear about your needs and wants, as well as your affordability, will make it easier for us to determine the most appropriate option for your specified financial, lifestyle, and real estate goals.

In my professional opinion, the best way to approach the purchase of a home is to have a plan based on your needs, affordability, and what I think of as the secret sauce – incorporating a real estate investment strategy into your plan to create your living and legacy wealth. 


Establishing your time frame for buying is largely dependent on first understanding your financial picture.  This includes knowing how much house you can afford to buy. If your need is immediate or you fully understand your financial picture, I can help you get your pre-approval with my preferred lender Amerifirst Financial ,and start your search asap.  If there is no pressing need to buy now, then take some time to review your budget.  You can use the Mortgage Calculator to get an idea of how much your monthly payments will be.  

What is my financial picture?

Before you even apply for a loan, buying starts with an assessment of your current financial picture. With my help and professional resources, you will be able to know how much house you can afford and if it’s necessary to wait and save money or if you’re ready to take the big step to homeownership.  

Most buyers will work with a Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO) to finance their home purchase.  Once the purchase is complete, the lender places a Lien on the property, commonly known as a Mortgage.  This is how the loan is securitized.  But two of the biggest challenges most buyers face in qualifying for a loan prevent them from becoming homeowners: Debt-to-Income Ratio (DTI) and the down-payment, 

Fortunately, there are down-payment assistance programs available to buyers who meet program criteria for household income. If a buyer is not able to produce the minimum allowable down-payment of 3.5% for an FHA loan, a down-payment assistance programs can help.  If you can meet the minimum down payment on an FHA loan, but the mortgage might be out of your budget, you could buy an Owner-Occupied rental property, like a duplex.  Depending on lending requirements, a lender may allow a borrower to use up to 75% of income from the rental property to qualify for a loan. 

What's the market Like?

When you work with me, you can be sure that you will have my knowledge, expertise and negotiating skills at work for you to submit the best offer and terms. We will stay in regular communication with what is happening in the marketplace with competition, price changes, and any off market properties that match your criteria. Working with me will ensure you are fully educated to be a strategic and confident homebuyer so you find the right home for the best possible price and terms to meet your needs. 

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