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Dealing with Financing

As the events of the last few years in the real estate industry show, people forget about the tremendous financial responsibility of purchasing a home at their peril. Here are a few tips for dealing with the dollar signs so that you can take down that “for sale” sign on your new home.

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Inheritance Advance: The Pros and Cons

One of the greatest benefits of an Inheritance Advance is the immediate access to cash funds. No matter the need, great or small, anyone would welcome a sizeable cash-injection into their personal finances. The cash is yours to use as you see fit, with no conditions whatsoever.

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The 1031 Exchange: Benefits to Sellers

When you are ready to sell your property, what matters most is the price and the proceeds you want to get from the sale. As interest for your property starts to come in, you are hoping for a qualified buyer who is ready to buy, but what if you receive an offer from a buyer who is doing a 1031 exchange?

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How Realtors with an SRES Designation Can Help Ready-To-Retire Investors

In order to display the National Association of Realtors® trademark, agents must first agree and adhere to a strict Code of Ethics. Additionally, the more than one million members of the NAR® are dedicated to lifelong learning and professional development. One way that Realtors® set themselves apart from typical real estate agents is by earning a professional designation from the NAR®.

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What is a Lease Option?

A Lease Option is a form of real estate purchase where the Buyer leases a property with the option to purchase the property at the end of the lease term. It is an ideal alternative for Buyers who want to buy a home but don’t yet meet lending requirements to do so. Even if a Buyer has BAD or NO CREDIT, a a Lease Option Home is a fast path to homeownership and creating wealth through real estate.

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What is Real Estate Investing?

Investing in real estate is more than flipping houses. It’s the path to creating wealth through purchasing, holding, leasing, managing, and selling Residential and Commercial real property and residential and commercial real estate products. So, what does all that mean?

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What is Probate?

Probate is the judicial process that administers and settles the Estate of deceased persons. The probate court process can take quite some time and requires patience, organization, and a team of professionals to support the heirs, Executor or Administrator in the process. In general, there are three phases of probate.

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What is Your Multifamily Investment Criteria?

I find myself regularly asking my Investor friends and new Investors, what their investor criteria is, and while I like the idea of sending a web form for them to fill out, I prefer to have a conversation, or at the very least have them email me all the deets. The reason for this is that while an Investor may have a basis of criteria for metrics like Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and Cash on Cash (COC), the markets change

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Who is a Challenged Multifamily Owner?

A Challenged Multifamily Owner is an Investor who is not able to manage the various aspects of apartment ownership, including deferred maintenance, property taxes, and mortgage notes. These challenges arise due to life situations, such as divorce, bankruptcy, and the bad tenants .

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