Various options for every seller

Selling Your Property for the Highest Possible Price

Giving you a unique approach to selling a property for the highest possible price with NO Up-Front Cost for Renvovations

No Up-FRONT Costs
For Renovations

Often I speak with homeowners and Personal Represenatives who want to make improvements to their properties, but they don’t have the funds to do what is needed to sell it for top-dollar. 

As part of my core service, I provide you with No Up-Front Cost Pre-Sale Renovations so you can make your property the hottest one on the market and sell it for the highest possible price – and that means higher seller proceeds. 

On average, Sellers receive 150% Return on Investment (ROI) with a pre-sale renovation.  In addition, Sellers can include other services in their No Up-Front Costs, like landscaping, junk removal, deep cleaning, staging, and more!

even More options to sell your home
Move Later

If you’re thinking of selling and you have Homeless Seller Syndrome (I made that up…) you may be concerned about finding a home first before you close on the sale of your home – that’s called “Subject to Seller Finding a Replacement Property” in transaction speak.  Well, No Worries – You have Options.

bridge the gap

If you need to use the proceeds from the sale of your home to purchase your next home, that may leave you feeling stuck in how to navigate a timeline from closing on your home to offering on the next one, to moving… Lions, and Tigers, and Bears, Oh My!  Well, No Worries – You have Options.

Sell fast

If you need to sell fast but still want the benefits of selling a renovated property, Revive can buy your home now, renovate it, and split the proceeds with you using their Sell 360 program. This way you can sell it fast and get cash now!